Pedro & Romeo

Pedro and Romeo are alone in the gym for wrestling practice in their skin-tight singlets. Pedro is smaller, and he gets Romeo on the ground first. The tables turn the moment Romeo stands, throwing Pedro off balance. They land in a provocative position, where Pedro discovers that Romeo is rock hard. The two roll around for a bit before hands start wandering and grapples turn to gropes. Pedro teases Romeo with a quick kiss, and then the two start grinding on one another. Peeling down Pedro’s singlet, Romeo gets a mouthful of thick, uncut cock with some hot, aggressive face fucking. Pedro strips Romeo and gets a similar treatment from his own huge uncut dick.

Training has only just begun. Romeo gets in several pushups with his long rod in Pedro’s mouth, while the curve of Pedro’s cock tests the limits of Romeo’s deepthroat skills. The two go for each other’s slicked up, uncut meat in 69 on the floor. Pedro is an eager cocksucker, taking all of Romeo’s meat deep into his throat to the base. Having determined who needs more training, Pedro mounts Romeo doggy style and immediately starts pounding his buddy’s hole. He gets him even deeper in missionary, leaning in for some aggressive kissing. The two launch their nut all over their stomachs, jerking off side by side on the wrestling mats.