Picwik & T-Bow

T-Bow is a carpenter. He works in a small workshop in an unremarkable town in the North of France. He doesn’t like his boss, Picwik, who’s permanently on his case making unreasonable requests. He regularly sweeps into the workshop in his shirt and tie, accusing the hard-working T-Bow of not doing his job properly.

His arrogance makes T-Bow’s blood boil and T-Bow is not a man who you want to be on the wrong side of. He’s tall and fit and he’s into cage fighting! He’s always managed to keep a lid on his rage, but one day he’s gonna crack - and that’s not going to be good news for his boss!

Picwik arrives in the workshop on Friday, just before the end of T-Bow’s shift. T-Bow’s looking forward to a weekend off: two blissful days where he doesn’t need to listen to his boss moaning. Picwik, as usual, is railing at T-Bow as soon as he’s in the room, but this time, his whining is entirely drowned out by the angry blood thumping in T-Bow’s ears. Enough is enough…

T-Bow stands. He’s a good 6 inches taller than his boss. He unzips his overalls and they fall to his waist, revealing a beautifully sculpted chest and six pack. He walks across to Picwik and slaps his face. Picwik is shocked. Anger starts to build. Adrenaline is now pumping, out of control, around both men’s bodies. Picwik’s instinct is to throw a punch at T-Bow but he’s suddenly overwhelmed by a curious desire to make out with his employee!

The feeling is mutual. T-Bow’s cock is inexplicably raging inside his overall pants. The two men throw themselves at each other and kiss with aggression and hunger, like a pair of animals desperate to mate.

T-Bow pulls his boss across the room by his tie and forces him down onto his cock. Picwik instantly starts sucking - deep, wet and sleazy. T-Bow playfully removes his boss’s tie and winds it around his dick like a cock ring, then looks down at Picwik’s face; his sexy, pierced eyebrow, his perfectly gelled hair. He almost forgives him for being a bastard boss! He pulls Picwik’s tie off his dick, and loops it around his neck. He’s the boss now!

T-Bow pulls Picwik to his feet and pushes him against a workbench, pulling down his suit pants and underwear. He immediately gets his tongue into his boss’s ass, there’s no doubt he’s gonna fuck him. He starts to bite Picwik’s ass cheek. He wants to leave marks! Picwik needs to remember what happens when he behaves like a total asshole!

As the church clock chimes outside, T-Bow gets his dick right into Picwik’s ass. He spreads his long legs wide apart to get as deep as he can into his boss before pushing his shirt up and angrily spitting on his back. He pounds hard and fast, balls slapping against Picwik’s muscular ass cheeks.

These two men literally don’t know whether to fuck or fight. Picwik doesn’t know whether to slap or sack his angry employee. Their dynamic is on a knife-edge and will certainly never be the same again. They stand side by side and kiss while jerking themselves to completion, firing unbelievably large creamy loads onto the workshop floor.