Ptit & Malik

Ptit is obsessed with a hot pair of trainers. Malik didn’t have to do anything more than walk his fresh pair over to him to get the horny, euro stud rock hard and hungry for cock! Running his sneakers over his crotch, Malik puts the shoe sub in his place, getting him mentally and physically psyched to be Malik’s total sex slave.

Ptit gets to work on Malik’s sneakers, kissing them and sniffing them as he grips the sporty stud’s massively thick cock. Torn between his two passions, the young cocksucker could hardly choose which he should devote his attention to. But Malik makes it clear he needs more than a shoe shine from his eager submissive.

Worshipping Malik’s cock, Ptit knows it’s just a matter of time before he would be giving up his tight hole as well. Malik bends the lad over, prying apart his guts as he fills his insides with his enormous cock; fucking him aggressively and showing him how a true alpha breeds!