Ptit Pain and Roméo Courtois

We’re in central Paris, in a sleazy bar, just around the corner from the Pompidou Centre. Two men sit opposite each other in a darkened corner. Sexy-hunk, Roméo, is covered in impressive tattoos. Ptit has cropped hair and wears sports gear. Both men wear sneakers and it rapidly becomes clear that they’re seriously turned on by the smell and look of them.

They kiss passionately, their wet, full lips locking together lustfully. These two guys are seriously hot for each other. Ptit pulls one of his sweaty sneakers off and hands it to Roméo who snorts it before dropping to his knees, servicing and worshiping the younger man’s ripely-scented feet.

Ptit pushes his track pants down and starts to jerk his solid, uncut dick. He is hugely turned on by Roméo, who strips down to his underwear and aggressively sucks and chokes on Ptit’s beautiful, upward-curving meat. Ptit now buzzes with sexual excitement.

Roméo squats on a bench, and offers his smooth, tight ass to Ptit. He buries his face in a sneaker as Ptit plunges his dick deep into his hole.

The sex is intense. Roméo is now light-headed with the heady scent of Ptit’s feet. He jerks his large dick and groans as Ptit’s thrusts become more powerful and relentless.

Ptit lies on his back so that a gasping Roméo can ride him, nose still deep inside the sneaker.

The two men sit next to each other jerking and kissing with the shoes between them. Ptit is the first to cum and blasts his thick juices right into the sneaker. Roméo rapidly follows suit and squirts a big load all over its laces.