Saxon, Aitor Crash, Alfa Jota, Tom Louis, etc

Aitor Crash (Kings of Piss, Casting Madrid and Street Dogs) goes to Open Mind to have fun. While waiting to go in, Pig Punk (fucking sexy tattooed newcomer) also arrives. Both know they're going to have a good time since the club is busy. With Josep Deep, Saxon and Alfa Jota taking a break from fisting, you soon discover why Josep Deep has such a name. The man can take anything up his ass, including a mega sized dildo! Josep gets fisted by all of them while Tom Louis (the devil from Street Dogs), also the bartender, leaves the men to play alone to join Macanao, Rafa Madrid and Colon - in another scene - who can suck two thick cocks at the same time he takes a fist up his ass. He get fisted by the three of them. Next time you're in Barcelona, come to Open Mind and play with us!