Stany Falcone & Valentin Alsina

This pairing takes risque public sex to a new level! Stany Falcone and Valentin Alsina sit in the backseat of a car for a chauffeured ride around town. Soon, Stany whips out his long, uncut cock and pulls down his jeans to let his Argentinian friend suck him in the drive-through line of a fastfood restaurant in broad daylight! People are eating at the tables outdoors and crossing the parking lot in front of the car as Valentin’s head bobs up and down in Stany’s crotch. The entire scenario has Stany worked up, and he gives a cocky smile to the camera each time we see his face. Stany pulls his cock out of Valentin’s mouth to slap his face with it, then uses both hands to force Valentin down the full length of his shaft as the driver orders food.

Valentin stops sucking as they pull closer to the pick-up window and the drivers scolds him. Apparently they want to put on an exciting show for the people in the kitchen! The driver pulls up further than necessary and drops the back window. When the cashier turns to take payment, she sees the pair in the back seat and leaves to get her manager! The guys take off, laughing, and back on the highway Valentin gets to work deepthroating Stany and squeezing his balls.

The guys soon find themselves in a wooded area near a busy road, pants around their knees and Stany plowing into Valentin’s ass from behind in plain view. Using a tree for support, Valentin presses back into Stany’s long, firm thrusts and moans into the woods. The guys decide to finish off back in the car. Stany is now shirtless and slick with sweat, body rigid with every muscle flexing. He barely seems to be breathing, but he jerks his cock so fast that the whole car vibrates as he shoots cum all the way up to his chin, across his chest and cobblestone abs. With his ankles up on the back of the front seat, Valentin teases and stretches his hole with a large, wide butt plug. With a hiss, the well-endowed bottom releases a big load of thick cum down the length of his cock and all over his balls while Stany watches. Now ravenous, the guys decide to try looking for food again.