Stef, Alex & Marco

Stef heads down to his building’s basement, wearing nothing but a jockstrap and blindfold as he waits for his guests to arrive. Having found two, hot, horny guys online willing to pound his tight hole; he sets the tone for what’s to come. Alex and Marco find their hungry bottom just as they hoped, bringing out their dominant inclinations as they smack his ass and rough up his pretty face. Alex takes out his cock and feeds it to Stef, making him gag on his big meat as Marco reddens his smooth bubble butt. Stef moans with pleasure and pain as he struggles to breath on Alex’s big cock, feeling Marco slip his fingers in his pre-lubed hole! He takes all they can give him, wishing he could beg for more, but unable to with his mouth full of their alpha cocks! Their tryst gets more and more intense as Stef is punched, slapped, kicked, fisted, and fucked; brutally used by his sadistic tops and his cock leaks precum!