Theo & Adrian

French boy-next-door, Theo spots sexy stud, Adrian hanging out; waiting for someone to cruise by him and fill his mouth full of cock! And lucky for Adrian, Theo is always up for a midday blowjob. Retreating to his car, Theo brings Adrian into the backseat, opening up his pants and giving him his hard, uncut cock to suck and service.

Adrian bobs up and down on Theo’s meat, getting off on the open air felatio and on the hung stud’s throbbing member. As cars drive by, Adrian gets Theo charged up and primed for a hard fuck...

Bending his bottom over in the middle of the woods, Theo slides his cock between Adrian’s round cheeks, pumping him full of his manhood. The sound of balls slapping ass get lost in among the rustling leaves, giving Theo the chance to cum hard in public!