Tomas Green & Mike Eventz

A masked man wearing a security guard’s jacket walks into a darkened apartment. We can see he has cropped, dark hair, a tanned, well-defined body, and a clippered, hairy chest. He drops his pants. A handsome, grey-eyed man with a fine moustache kneels in front of him, hungrily sucking and licking the masked master’s bulge.

The master likes it rough. He slaps the sub man’s face and ass cheeks. He removes his mask, revealing a handsome, heavily-stubbled face. He pushes down his underwear and thrusts his dick aggressively into the sub man’s mouth. The well-behaved sub keenly sucks his new master’s dick and balls. He wants him. He needs him. His muscular hole is twitching for him.

The master spits on his hand and abusively thrusts his fingers into the sub’s ass, forcefully stretching it in readiness for sex. The sub continues to deep throat his master, his nose now flattened against the master’s washboard stomach. The sound of watery saliva swishing around the master’s dick is deafening.

Two fingers become three as the sub-slut’s spit-filled hole is stretched to the max.

The sex is fast and intense. The master slams himself into his slave’s arse with brutal strokes. The bed begins to shake. It’s too much for the sub, who very quickly blows his load. But the master has only just begun and continues to hammer him with relentless, almost mind-blowing speed.

He pulls out and shoots all over the slave’s belly, his spunk melding with the sub-slut’s spent juices.