Valentin Solis & Jimy Fix

Jimy is a pervy, edgy-looking fucker with a big, uncut dick and dark, spiky hair. He’s highly-sexed and if he hasn’t fucked by about 4pm, he gets in a bad mood. Fortunately, he knows that his work pal, Valentin, is into him. So into him, in fact, he’s willing to risk his job, and his relationship, to regularly satisfy Jimy in the yard behind the shop.

They have to be quick and totally silent. Jimy has to stay entirely on his guard. Anyone could be watching, and their boss always returns to the shop to lock up before closing. Jimy can’t figure out why they’ve never been caught, but he prides himself on being good at covering his tracks!

Valentin loves being used by Jimy. He gets a rush of adrenaline and his dick starts leaking pre-cum whenever he even thinks about it. He loves the way that Jimy treats him. He loves the power Jimy has over him. He spends way too much time thinking of ways to satisfy him, often when he’s lying in bed with his own boyfriend!

Jimy likes the way Valentin sucks. He goes at it real fast and hard and has learned all the tricks that get Jimy super hard and ready to shoot. Jimy gets a kick out of the idea that people are looking. He particularly likes it in the yard behind the shop because he knows there’s a young lad in one of the overlooking buildings who occasionally watches them. Jimy loves locking eyes with him. They stare at each other lustfully. The boy smiles and Jimy smiles back. The boy nods and Jimy grabs the back of Valentin’s head and aggressively shoves his dick deep into his throat. Sometimes the boy gets his phone out and starts filming. Jimy doesn’t care. In fact, it turns him on. He likes the idea that the footage might one day be seen by Valentin’s boyfriend. It would serve him right. He’s plainly a rubbish fuck.

Valentin usually gets his dick out of his pants while sucking Jimy. He can’t afford to get any more naked than that. They don’t have long to cover up once they hear their boss’ car pulling up on the street outside. But that’s all part of the excitement. Their hearts are always pounding.

If the boy’s filming, Jimy likes to put on a show. Sometimes he pulls Valentin’s pants down just enough to expose his ass before fucking him. The boy in the window often stands up and pushes his hard dick against the glass to show Jimy how much he’s enjoying himself. Jimy likes to see the long smears of pre-cum on the window.

He fucks Valentin hard. He gets his dick right up there and slams it in, so deep, that the skin on Valentin’s ass cheek ripples. He fucks him without much passion. They can’t fuck for long. He can’t lose himself in the moment. He needs to stay aware of everything around him and focus on blowing his load real quick.

Valentin usually enters a sort of trance. He forgets where he is and succumbs to the intense pleasure of the moment. He’s never noticed the guy in the window and doesn’t know he’s being filmed.

Jimy likes to stand on his toes, grit his teeth and fuck as hard as he can, using the gate to keep himself stable. Valentin’s always in such a state of ecstasy that he doesn’t notice when Jimy gives the thumbs up to their observer. Sometimes he pushes Valentin on his knees, and fucks him from behind. He can really hammer him in this position and it’s guaranteed to make Valentin cum within seconds. Valentin always shoots a big load which often goes all over his pants.

Jimy likes to blast his giant load onto the back of Valentin’s T-shirt. He likes the idea that his boss will see the stain and wonder what it is. He’s turned on by the thought that Valentin will have to rush off and change as soon as he gets home to prevent his boyfriend from becoming suspicious. He likes the fact that Valentin just takes the load without complaining before scurrying off into the shop to clean himself up as much as he can.

Neither Jimy, Valentin nor the boy in the window see any reason to stop!