Valentin Solis & Rod Malek

Valentin knows how to sell sex! He manufactures dildos and makes a small fortune travelling throughout Europe calling on the guys he knows will take the biggest orders. And because he knows that sex sells, he uses sex to sell it!

He’s actually quite a hard-nosed businessman. He knows he’s sexy as hell: tall, blond, amazing body… And when he’s suited and booted and flirting like crazy, there’s not a guy in the world, gay or straight, who’d turn down the offer of sampling his wares.

He’s a pretty dominant guy. He’ll usually order the guys into a back room and lock the door so he can take things at a pace which works for him. He sees this as one of the perks of his job!

Rod looks forward to Valentin’s visits. Rod runs a large sex shop in a seedy district of Paris. He knows Valentin charges him double what he ought to be paying. He also knows he’ll end up buying twice as much stock as he needs… but it’ll be worth it!

Valentin is looking particularly hot when he calls in on Rod. He’s wearing a beautifully-tailored grey suit, a grey shirt and a grey patterned tie with pink diamonds on it. Rod can barely concentrate as Valentin waves three dildos in front of him. He immediately signs up for six boxes of each. Valentin says it’s not worth demonstrating the products if Rod signs up for any fewer…

Seconds later, Rod is dragging Valentin into the back room, dick harder than it’s probably ever been. He unzips Valentin’s fly and starts feeling the salesman’s giant dick. Seconds later, he’s pulled the precious object out of its gilded cage, and is on his knees sucking it like the end of the world is coming.

Valentin is an arrogant fucker and likes to give the impression that he’s taking everything in his stride. He never wants to look too keen. That would spoil the allure. That would give power to the guys who need to keep buying the products which keep Valentin in decent suits! Valentin’s reticence and aloofness only makes Rod suck harder!

Valentin grabs Rod’s head and pushes his dick deeper and deeper into his mouth. Rod isn’t giving Valentin a blow job: Valentin is fucking Rod’s face. And enjoying every moment.

The dildo demonstration takes place on a workbench, still in the back room. Rod, stripped naked, sits on the table, legs spread while Valentin hands him a series of dildos to experiment with. Rod can’t take is eyes off Valentin as he tries them, one by one, thrusting them deep into his ass, imagining the sex toys are Valentin himself.

Valentin slowly takes his clothes off - leaving his tie on - exposing an impressive tattoo on his left arm. He’s excited by Rod’s pervy display. Rod grinds himself up and down on the giant dildos before aggressively thrusting them in and out of his ass. Valentin barks orders throughout. He tells Rod exactly where to put the dildos and how fast to jam them back and forth. The power turns Valentin on.

Valentin moves closer to Rod and stands between his legs. He blasts huge jets of cum up Rod’s thigh and onto his waist. Rod excitedly follows suit, cumming heavily over his washboard stomach. And with that the deal is sealed…